In week eight of our programme, we re-visit our physical profiling from the start

Wednesday 27 May 2020
Have you been following our Train like the Pride fitness programme?

Train like the Pride is a 12-week programme based on the profiling training system that the England physical performance team implement for the national teams. 

During the last seven weeks, you've been introduced to and progressed your braking and sprinting strength capabilities while also improving you repeat and recover capacity.

In week eight, we'll be revisiting the physical profiling which you completed in the first episode. This highlights your progress and allows you to tweak the programme as necessary for the final block or stick with what you are doing.

To optimise your results, perform the first half of your training week as normal then take two days rest before profiling so that fatigue is less of a factor.

Remember to always warm up before undertaking any physical activity. You can perform any of the previous weeks' warm-up programmes to prepare yourself for physical profiling.

Exercise one: The long jump. This will measure your braking strength. Mark a line on the floor, jump as far as you can and mark where you land. You can use a tape measure to record your distance. The benchmark for an active male is 1.85m while for a female it is 1.50m.

Exercise two: The long lever bridge. This measures the sprinting strength of an athlete. Lie down on a flat surface and place your feet as far away from you as possible and then bridge up and hold. Use a stopwatch to record your time. The benchmark for active individuals is two minutes.

Exercise three: 1km time trial. This will measure your repeat and recover capability. Figure out a route of 1km, this can be ten lengths of a football field. Record how long it takes for you to complete. Benchmark for an active female is under four minutes and for an active male quicker than 3.45 minutes.

Record your results and compare them to your physical profiling scores from week one. Remember these benchmarks are for active individuals who have a history of fitness. Everyone is different and you might be just starting on your fitness journey. If your scores have not improved since week one there is no need to panic as progress isn’t always linear.

Remember to stay hydrated, eat and sleep well to make sure that you’re recovering from exercise and the day’s other stresses. 

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By FA Staff