COVID-19 impact, substitutions and grassroots discrimination discussed by Council

Friday 22 May 2020
The FA Council met on Thursday 21 May 2020

Set out below is an update on the Council meeting which took place on Thursday 21 May 2020. The main highlights were as follows:-


Mark Bullingham (chief executive officer) presented to Council on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both the FA and the wider game. Council was taken through the current impact on the domestic and international game, the financial impact on the FA and future budget changes, the financial support given to the grassroots game and the intention to remain focused on delivering our strategic priorities for 2020-2024 within the new financial parameters.

Laws of The Game

David Elleray is the technical director of the International Football Association Board and also an FA Council Member. David took Council through the changes to the Laws of the Game that will be in place for the new season. These include clarification on when handball will be penalised when it leads to a goal or scoring opportunity and what part of the arm when hit constitutes handball. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, top competitions ending in 2020 will have the option to use five substitutes.

Grassroots discrimination

Mark Ives (disciplinary manager) presented on a new trial process for dealing with incidents of discrimination in the grassroots game. With additional resources in place to enable reported incidents to be managed through the disciplinary process more quickly, this has resulted in an increase in confidence from participants that action will be taken when discrimination is reported.

By Richard McDermott Company Secretary