The England and Manchester City defender picks out some classic games from her career

The Lionesses and Manchester City Women’s defender looks back at some of the best days in her career to date in ‘My Favourite Game'.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

There’s been so many games in my career that I look back on with pride and fond memories.

But the one which still stands out for me, is our quarter final game against France at the 2017 Women’s EURO Finals in Netherlands and I’d say that’s my best to date.

I just remember going into the match, we weren’t expected to win, but the pressure was on to get a result and everything just came together that day.

It was a good game and occasion in itself and for us to go on and win, thanks to Jodie Taylor’s goal, when we weren't expected to was great.

I can remember how high we all felt after that game, but then you quickly have to bring yourself back down because we had another game straight after that to concentrate on.

It was everything about the game that I still remember so clearly, the pressure of it beforehand, but then we found a real momentum on the pitch and it felt like everyone was playing well.

We started to really believe in ourselves and I remember the crowd was quite close to the pitch and it felt like they were behind us so that would be my favourite England game.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some really good games from a club perspective too and with Manchester City, I'd have to say the Women's FA Cup Finals we’ve had against Birmingham City and West Ham.

Winning the Women's FA Cup with Manchester City twice has been great

It's always good to play in those games and then win them, just to be able to see your family there and for them to be able experience the day with you as well, it's a bit of reward for them.

Even in my first Final with Sunderland back in 2009 when we lost, it was a great day for so many of us because of the occasion and it's one that all my family still remember.

We were a young side at the time and we were still really happy because of where we were in our careers at that time and the fact we were playing against an amazing Arsenal team who were full of our idols.

And even though we lost that game It was a closer game than many people expected so we came away afterwards feeling good about how it’d gone.

By FA Staff