England's Joe Gomez says he's been taking inspiration from new Michael Jordan show

Tuesday 12 May 2020
England's Joe Gomez says he's been glued to 'The Last Dance' during lockdown

Joe Gomez has spoken of his admiration for basketball star Michael Jordan, after watching the latest sporting documentary series, 'The Last Dance' during lockdown.

The England and Liverpool defender was born in 1997, just as Jordan was about to call time on his blockbuster career with the Chicago Bulls.

But Gomez admits he’s found the show compelling viewing in recent weeks inbetween keeping himself fit for a return to action.

"You realise just how big he was,” he told Micah Richards, in the latest edition of ‘Micah Phones’ in association with Players Together.

“You see the trainers and stuff, but he was the main man for his whole career really.


"The footage in the locker room, normally someone like that doesn't want you filming them all the time, but he must've been thinking ahead."

The former Charlton Athletic youngster revealed he’s always drawn inspiration from Jordan’s achievements, but having seen some of the footage in the show he’s now aiming to take even more.

"It's just his drive and his ambition to succeed and once he got to the top, he maintained that level of focus to stay there,” he added.

"He says it himself, he lets his basketball do the talking. He wouldn’t be as big or have all the endorsements he had if he wasn't successful on the court.

The England players warm up for training in front of an inspirational quote from Michael Jordan

"The fact he had all that on the side, but basketball was still his number one.

"[In football] You're hesitant to make statements or say you want to do something, but he was like: 'I'm going to show you’ and he's done it.

"He believed in himself and he was a bit arrogant at times but in a good way.

"I haven't got that in my locker, but that's why he is who he is.”

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By Nicholas Veevers