Gareth Southgate looks forward to helping select a squad of Lionhearts this summer

Friday 12 Jun 2020
Gareth Southgate has been speaking about the search for our Lionhearts

Gareth Southgate believes England’s Lionhearts squad will give some of our everyday heroes the plaudits they deserve.

Fans across the country have been asked to nominate the people who have proved to be their heroes in recent months, as we moved away from normality and into lockdown life.

So whether that’s people working in the medical world, or simply going above and beyond their duty to help or entertain, Southgate is looking forward to seeing some of the stories of the everyday people who are nominated over the next few weeks.

Along with his Lionesses counterpart Phil Neville, Southgate will then help select a squad of 23 Lionhearts who will be recognised at Wembley Stadium when open football returns.


"There's always focus on high profile people and what they do, and sometimes that's important,” he said.

“But there are also so many good things that go under the radar which people don't know about that are more powerful.

"Sometimes it's easy when we've got a profile and we've got money to make a difference but I'm always amazed by people who don't have as much who give time and money to make a difference in society.

"It's going to be nice to be able to, over a longer period of time, recap and hopefully help highlight the people who perhaps haven't been noticed in the same way others have.”


By Nicholas Veevers