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Jordan Nobbs looks ahead to EURO 2021 and what her life might be like in 500 days

Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Jordan Nobbs has already featured in two European Championships (2013 and 2017) and one World Cup (2015)

It may still be 500 days away but UEFA Women’s EURO 2021 is already shaping up to be a historic spectacle on home soil and Jordan Nobbs can't wait for it to kick-off.  

The England midfielder is backing next summer's competition to be a record-breaker, with ten grounds up and down the country set to host games before the final at Wembley Stadium. 

Old Trafford has already been announced as another host venue, offering us the opportunity to break the attendance record for a Women’s EURO crowd in its opening fixture.

Nobbs has already represented her country at two EUROs, in 2013 and 2017, but sadly missed out on the World Cup last summer with a knee injury. 

Now she's back fighting fit, has been included in Phil Neville's SheBelieves Cup squad and is vying for the Barclays FA WSL title with Arsenal, and believes the timing of a home tournament couldn't be better for the development of the women's game.

Nobbs leads England out in front of a record-breaking crowd at Wembley last November

"Right now, with the way the women's game is going, it's an incredible time to host a home EURO and showcase our football allover the country," she said. 

"I think anybody involved in the the women's game right now is itching to be involved in EURO 2021. 

"Every tournament we go to, we see an increase in the fan base, the sponsorship and the overall support so with another 500 days before the competition it will only look better. 

"We want to win our tournament and I'm sure the men want to win theirs so I think it's a realistic possibility that we could be double defending European champions by the end of next summer. 

"The way the competitions followed each other last time was amazing and to have that again so soon is something to look forward to."

Nobbs has been captaining Arsenal during Kim Little's absence as the Gunners attempt to defend their WSL title

For many of us, predicting what we might have for dinner the same evening can be a difficult task, let alone mapping out the next 500 days. 

However, we asked the midfielder to play ball with us and she agreed to try and predict what Jordan Nobbs' life might look like come 7 July 2021 and the start of EURO 2021. 

How many trophies will Arsenal have won (out of a possible eight)? 
Well, eight is my lucky number but I think I'd be happy with six - we do a good job at bringing the trophies home at Arsenal so I think that's realistic. 

Who will be the best player in the world? 
I'd like to be the best player in the world if I'm honest, but if it isn't me I think Lucy Bronze is more than capable of staying in that bracket of 'best players in the world' for a long time. 

Who is going to be 'The next Jordan Nobbs'?
When I think about my own best qualities, I think of my engine so if we're talking about a player like that, I like Lauren Hemp. She's got a very bright future and is definitely someone to look out for. 

Will you still have the same hairstyle?
I saw some pictures recently of me at Arsenal ten years ago and I look drastically different, but I think it will be the same colour - maybe a different style.

Will you live in the same house? 
No, but I will still live around London because I like life here - there's nothing wrong with my home now but hey I'm just guessing - I might move, I might not. 

Will you drive the same car?
I know I won't be driving the same car because I've only got this one for two years. I used to have a Range Rover now I've got an Audi and I like them so I think I'd get another one of those. 

Is there anywhere in the world you want to have visited?
I want to go to Hawai'i because it looks beautiful and then maybe another nice little getaway in Europe - Budapest looks cool. 

Nobbs was heavily involved in covering the World Cup last year while recovering from an injury

Is there anything you can tick off your bucket list?
I'd actually really like to sky dive but I don't know how Arsenal would feel about me doing that - I like a bit of a thrill.

And are there any projects you hope to have completed?
It's just football really - I'm doing my B license at the moment so hopefully I can get that finished and then continue to grow with the game and hopefully get some more media opportunities too because I really enjoyed that last summer. 


By Tom Dean