Wolves pledge their support for our Football Leadership Diversity Code

As part of the launch of our Football Leadership Diversity Code for English football, a number of clubs have already pledged their support. Among those are Wolverhampton Wanderers, who believe the Code will change English football for the better by promoting equality of opportunity…

Tuesday 15 Dec 2020
Wolverhampton Wanderers have a ‘One Pack’ ethos

At Wolves, we are driven by progression and the values of determination, humility and togetherness, along with the belief that these values can help people in our community lead better lives. 

We're proud of the work and progress we have achieved and, as a club, under our ‘One Pack’ ethos, we're constantly building upon the foundations of our preliminary equality standard, which was awarded to us by the Premier League at the end of the 2018/19 season. 

As part of this, we developed and formalised our own equality action plan, which illustrates our vision to make the club more inclusive and representative of our local community, while taking proactive steps to tackle discrimination in any form. 

Our aim is to make our football club, our fan base and the city of Wolverhampton a more prosperous, loving and respectful community, by delivering education and raising awareness on equality, diversity and inclusion.

We have a core equality working group, which meets monthly, and equality ambassadors who are made up of representatives from all areas of the club. 

The EWG works with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the strategic equality objectives are met, and to celebrate and encourage diversity while also holding the board of directors to account. 

We're very proud that Wolverhampton is a diverse, vibrant and multicultural community, and we believe that by embracing that diversity and making a commitment to increasing representation across all groups who interact with the club, we will improve our business performance, while ultimately providing greater opportunity for all.

We were keen to sign up to the code because clear aspirations will drive us forward, and we want to be progressive in this space. 

Increased diversity and inclusion will provide us with a wider pool from which to draw our players, fans and staff, which will, in turn, provide more opportunity and a wider breadth of opinion and experience in the decision-making in the club.

In our view, the Football Leadership Diversity Code will change English football for the better by promoting equality of opportunity and reaching a wider talent pool. 

Ultimately, football clubs will be a stronger force for good, with decision-making and commerciality improving, as diversity of thought leads the way. 

Furthermore, if we work together to reduce hate, it will send out a clear message that discrimination will not be tolerated. 

Finally, we hope we can inspire other organisations to follow suit.

Find more information on how to sign up to the Football Leadership Diversity Code, and further detail on its principles, pledges and definitions. 

By FA Staff