EURO 2020 ticket summary

A brief overview of the UEFA EURO 2020 ticket situation

Thursday 20 Aug 2020
An overview for Travel Club members of the UEFA EURO 2020 ticket situation following the tournament's postponement.

Following several enquiries from current and prospective Travel Club members, we’d like to clarify the situation regarding tickets to next summer’s EURO 2020.

The FA's allocation of tickets to next summer's tournament have already been allocated via the ballot which took place in December 2019. This means that for those of you with tickets to EURO 2020, we’d like to reassure you that they will remain valid, and you do not need to take any action.


We’re waiting for further information from UEFA regarding any returned tickets, but these will only be made available to members of the 2018-2020 England Supporters Travel Club. In order to be fair to those members who missed out in the ballot, we will not be reopening the 2018-2020 membership to new joiners.


At this moment in time, we cannot advise how many tickets will be returned and what categories will be available, however, we will update members with further information as soon as it's available. 


Tickets for EURO 2020 will be dispatched via UEFA's mobile app closer to the tournament. As a result of the coronavirus, we recommend all members use the UEFA mobile app in order to enter the stadium. Full instructions will be sent to ticket holders early next year. If you purchased souvenir tickets back in January, these will be dispatched after the final of EURO 2020. 

England's EURO 2020 fixtures

England v Croatia, Sunday 13 June 2021

England v Play-off Winner C, Friday 18 June 2021

Czech Republic v England, Tuesday 22 June 2021

I didn't purchase my tickets, can I do it now?

If, for any reason, you didn't pay for the tickets you were allocated in January, these have not been held for you, and instead returned to UEFA for re-allocation. Members were required to pay for the tickets by Wednesday 5 February 2020. It is not possible to pay for them now.

If you still wish to attend EURO 2020 next summer, you’ll need to wait for further updates on the application process for the available allocation The FA is able to obtain from UEFA. 

Please bear in mind that we anticipate a requirement for a further ballot and, that it may not be possible to reapply for the same tickets you were previously allocated.

I made a mistake with my application, can you help me?

We know that several members made mistakes with their applications back in December resulting in them missing out during the initial ballot. Prior to the lockdown and postponement of EURO 2020, we were working with UEFA to assist them.

Currently, we’re waiting on UEFA to confirm our available allocation of tickets, but we hope to still be able to assist members who missed out. Please wait for further updates later this year and follow any instructions provided.

We are not operating a waiting list for any returned tickets - regardless of your circumstance.

I'm no longer able to attend, can I return my tickets?

UEFA opened two ticket return portals between May and June 2020 in which members could return their EURO 2020 tickets and receive a full refund.

If you did not return your tickets during this period, but are still unable to go, unfortunately UEFA has advised that they do not anticipate opening another returns portal.

We’d like to remind members that tickets to UEFA EURO 2020 are non-transferable to members or non-members and it is against membership rules (and UEFA’s T&Cs) to sell or advertise the sale of tickets.

If I join the 2020-2022 ESTC will I be eligible for EURO 2020 tickets?

Unfortunately, not, no. To be fair to existing 2018-2020 members, we will not be offering any available EURO 2020 tickets to new 2020-2022 members or members of the free England Supporters Club.

Members of the 2020-2022 Travel Club will be eligible to apply for Qatar 2022 tickets and tickets to the Nations League Finals (should England qualify).

What if the COVID-19 situation changes again?

We are continually working with UEFA, the UK Government and the other participating nations to provide the best possible solution for all. However, we would advise members to regularly check the FCO website for updates regarding travel and entry requirements to the other EURO 2020 host cities and ensure you're aware of the latest coronavirus guidelines in the UK. 



As the tournament draws nearer, we will continue to keep you updated with the latest ticket news, stadium advice and security updates.

By FA Staff