EURO 2020 FAQ page now live!

The ESTC EURO 2020 FAQ page is now live!

Monday 25 Nov 2019
The FAQ page for England ticket applications to EURO 2020 is now live

The application window for England tickets at EURO 2020 opens next Wednesday 4 December. It will be during this phase that Travel Club members will be able to apply for England tickets via The FA. 

Information and advice on submitting your applications can now be found on our dedicated UEFA EURO 2020 page here. We will continue to update the page as we get further information from UEFA. 

The closing date for submitting applications is Wednesday 18 December. As previously communicated, we recommend Travel Club members submit their application by Monday 9 December to allow for any potential changes to ensure that the information you provide is correct. 


EURO 2020 Draw

Saturday 30 November 

BBC2 and BBC iPlayer

From 5pm

Ticket limits

UEFA have advised that fans applying for tickets will be restricted to a total number of 4 tickets to each match England could play in. This means that if you've already been allocated tickets via the general sale for an England match, you cannot apply for more tickets to that same match through the Travel Club allocation. 

In addition, you cannot apply for tickets to matches that are on the same day. For example, if you've already been allocated a ticket for Group D in Glasgow on Tuesday 23 June via the general public sale, you cannot apply for the Group D match in London on the same day via the Travel Club. 

If you enter duplicate applications for the same matches then all applications may be cancelled without refund. If you're applying for tickets on another member's behalf, please check to ensure they do not already have tickets for the same matches. 

If you have tickets for non-England games, you can still apply for up to 28 England tickets (4 tickets allocated to Travel Club members x  7 matches) via the Travel Club allocation. However, if you have already been allocated knock-out match tickets through the general public allocation, you cannot apply for those again through the Travel Club. For example, if you've already been allocated a semi-final match ticket through the general public sale, you cannot apply for a conditional semi-final through the Travel Club because of the potential clash. 

Access codes

In order to obtain EURO 2020 tickets via the Travel Club, the lead applicant needs to enter a valid access code on the EURO 2020 ticketing portal. Access codes will be distributed to Travel Club members in early December via email. Do not share you access code with anyone because once it has been used, you will not be able to apply for tickets using the same code. 

Access codes are for personal use only and allocated to specific FAN numbers. If an access code is shared to a non-member, those tickets will be cancelled. 

Once you have your access code and the ticketing portal is open, you can submit your application.

Access codes will be sent from the England Supporters Club via the email address If you have a Hotmail or Outlook account, please ensure you add this address into your saved contacts to ensure the email containing your access code is received. 

Please be aware that only lead applicants need an access code to submit an application via the Travel Club. If you're submitting an application on behalf of up to three other Travel Club members (including juniors), they do not need access codes or their own account on UEFA's website.


By FA Staff