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England legend Karen Carney's A-Z of the World Cup

Thursday 06 Jun 2019
Only Fara Williams (170) has earned more England caps than Karen Carney (140)

With England legend Karen Carney set to appear at her fourth World Cup, who better to give us an alphabetical rundown of football’s biggest tournament?

A is for – Atmosphere. I’ve been to three World Cups, in 2007, 2011 and 2015, and the atmosphere at these tournaments is just amazing, like nothing else I’ve experienced.

B is for – Bronze. Bronze is the colour of the medal we won in 2015. It’s also the surname of our world-class right-back, Lucy.

C is for – Carney, my family name. I love and am honoured to represent them whenever I play. C is also for China – where I played at my first World Cup – and Canada, for the best experience ever, in 2015.

D is for – Dream. I have been lucky enough to fulfil my dreams of playing at a World Cup. It was my dream since I was 11.

E is for – England. Representing England at a World Cup is all I’ve ever dreamed of and I’m lucky to have played so many times for my country.


F is for – France. They are the tournament hosts, a big football nation and the excitement in the country is really building.

G is for – Gold. We’ve got a silver medal and a bronze medal, so there’s only one colour left to complete the set.

H is for – Hope Powell, who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to play for my country.

I is for – Improvement. The women’s game has come so far in the last few years and is continuing to grow.

J is for – Japan. We’ve got previous with Japan! We beat them at the 2011 World Cup, they beat us in the last minute of the semi-final four years ago and now we’ve got them again. Hopefully our 3-0 win at the SheBelieves Cup in March is a good omen. J is also for Jill Scott, one of my best mates in the squad. She is hilarious.

K is for – Kelly Smith, the greatest England Women’s player ever.

L is for – Lionesses. We have created a brand that makes us unique and that everyone has got behind. L is also for Laura Bassett, my wing woman.

M is for – Mia Hamm. I had her jersey when I was a kid and she really inspired me.

N is for – Neville. The gaffer.

O is for – Opportunity. Players don’t get many chances to play at a World Cup so you have to enjoy every moment.

P is for – Playing. Nothing beats playing at a World Cup, in front of a massive crowd. It’s just so special.

Q is for – Quarter final. We picked up our first-ever World Cup quarter final win in 2015, against Canada. What a moment that was! We created history.

R is for – Respect. I feel that we gained the respect of the nation for our efforts in Canada.

S is for – Scotland. This promises to be a great opening game for both sides. We know a lot of their players – I play with Erin Cuthbert at Chelsea – and they know a lot of ours. We know it will be a tough game on Sunday, no doubt about it. It’s one I’m sure we’re all really looking forward to.

T is for – Team-mates. You can’t do it on your own. You need your team – and what a team we’ve got. I’ve got so much belief in each and every one of my team-mates and I can’t wait to get this World Cup under way with them.

U is for – USA. My earliest memory of watching the Women’s World Cup was USA winning the final at the Rose Bowl in 1999. For me, that set the standard for women’s football.

V is for – VAR. I’m excited to see how VAR will be used in the World Cup. V is also for Vancouver. What a place that was and what an experience, to beat Canada in front of 50,000 home fans.

W is for – Wizard. I’ve had this nickname for a few years now. It’s nice that people think of me like that, but I don’t take things like that too seriously.

X is for – Xcited! I just can’t wait for the tournament to begin.

Y is for – Yanks. Rachel Yankey was my idol when I was younger. Then she became my team-mate and more importantly my friend.

Z is for – Zzzz. A major tournament can be physically draining so it’s important to get as much rest as you can.

By FA Staff