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Find out more about our England squad who are competing in the CP World Cup in Spain

Thursday 04 Jul 2019
The Para Lions squad have been preparing for the World Cup at St. George's Park

England’s CP squad are in Seville for the 2019 IFCPF World Cup this month, where they will battle it out with 16 other nations for the title.

The Para Lions will kick-off against Germany on Monday 8 July, before facing Japan (Wednesday 10 July) and Brazil (Friday 12 July) in their remaining group stage games.

The CP squad study tactics in training at St. George's Park

Head coach Andy Smith named his 14-man squad for the trip ahead of their pre-World Cup training camp and you can read more about the players on duty below.

All games in the competition will be streamed live via the tournament’s official website.

Mat Crossen
Club: Unattached
Debut: Japan in 2015
Caps: 37
Goals: 16
Hopes for Spain 2019: “The World Cup is the one you dream of playing in as a kid, whether the play is at school, jumpers for goal posts or with your mates. On a personal note, it is the pleasure of leading out my team-mates as captain and knowing my family, especially my daughter, are watching. That we may inspire the next generation of player is huge motivation. We will be ready to go as deep into the tournament as possible.”

Martin Sinclair
Club: Unattached
Debut: South Korea in 2009
Caps: 53
Goals: 25
Hopes for Spain 2019: “Winning a medal match!”

Liam Irons
Club: Tring Athletic
Debut: Russia in 2016
Caps: 24
Goals: 7
Hopes for Spain 2019: “To try and get the player of the tournament award!”

Ethan Stone
Club: CP United
Debut: USA in 2019
Caps: 1
Goals: 0
Hopes for Spain 2019: “To start a game in the World Cup and score my first England goal.”

Matt Robinson
Club: Penzance AFC
Debut: USA in 2019
Caps: 1
Goals: 0
Ambition for Spain 2019: “To play in the World Cup!”

George Fletcher
Club: Unattached
Debut: Scotland in 2010
Caps: 49
Goals: 18
Ambition for Spain 2019: It’s the same for most players, to play in a World Cup is a dream. To be able to look back on your football career and remember each game and the level you play at is really important to me. This tournament means everything to me and my team-mates."

Dale Smith
Club: Unattached
Debut: Japan in 2017
Caps: 11
Goals: 9
Ambition for Spain 2019: “To win a medal.”

David Porcher
Club: FC Corina
Debut: Ukraine in 2016
Caps: 11
Goals: 8
Ambition for Spain 2019: “To have a good tournament.”

Karl Townshend
Club: Essex CP
Debut: Australia in 2009
Caps: 48
Goals: 13
Ambition for 2019: Win a medal!

Reegan McMillian
Club: Barking Abbey Hammers
Debut: USA in 2019
Caps: 1
Goals: 0
Ambition for Spain 2019: “To make the final and win.”

Jordan Twiss
Club: Grapes Hotel FC
Debut: Scotland in 2018
Caps: 10
Goals: 4
Ambition for Spain 2019: “To win a medal and start all the games.”

Michael Barker
Club: South Mersey FC
Debut: South Africa in 2005
Caps: 105
Goals: 114
Ambition for Spain 2019: “To be in the final.”

Harry Baker
Debut: Venezuela in 2012
Caps: 21
Goals: 7
Ambition for Spain 2019: “To try and win the Golden Boot again!”

Giles Moore
Club: Unattached
Debut: Portugal
Caps: 45
Goals: 0
Ambition for Spain 2019: “To win a medal.”

By FA Staff