The FA People's Cup

Radio One's Adele Roberts gets the FA People's Cup bug after a clash with the COGs

BBC Radio One DJ Adele Roberts recently put together a Radio One team to try out female walking football against FA People’s Cup veterans, Crawley Old Girls. And with this being a new category in the 2019 People’s Cup, she’s urging anyone to get involved and re-find their feet on the pitch.

Thursday 07 Feb 2019
Radio One's Adele Roberts enjoys getting to grips with the Crawley Old Girls ahead of the 2019 FA People's Cup campaign

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Walking football is a revelation! I had the best afternoon!

I didn’t realise how challenging it would be, how much fun it would be and how much anybody can get involved in it.

So I’d say to anyone reading this who has been thinking about playing football but feels it’s not for them – go and try walking football because I really do believe it’s the perfect game.

Our Radio One team were a little bit hustled by the COGs

I didn’t realise it was so easy, but also a challenge. Even if you are fit, you will get tired and feel the effects.

The Crawley Old Girls certainly knew what to do, and I feel like I’ve been hustled! I thought they were very good and I didn’t realise they’ve done it for three years in a row now, but you can tell because they’re brilliant.

The best thing about it was that they were very welcoming, they didn’t make me feel stupid and every time they accidentally knocked me over, they picked me back up. That’s the sort of atmosphere there will be in the competition and in walking football in general.

So if you’re a bit worried and you remember from school that sport wasn’t for you – that’s all changed now because walking football is here to save the day.

And there’s no barriers to entering the People’s Cup, as it’s totally free for all abilities and ages, so I’d urge everyone to get involved and not be scared.

We even had a Premier League manager take charge for the game

Fear holds a lot of people back, but it’s the most welcoming and energising atmosphere and anyone who is thinking about it, I’d say just go for it.

There’s still time for me to try and put a Radio One team together, and I’m going to try and get people on board to see if we can enter a team before the deadline.

I’m inspired now, I really am.

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You can still enter the 2019 FA People’s Cup, across all 15 categories, with entry completely FREE for everyone whether you have a team or are entering as an individual.

The deadline for entries is Monday 18 February ahead of the regional first round on 23 and 24 February.

By Adele Roberts BBC Radio One DJ