Safer Internet Day 2019: Guidance for staying safe online

Tuesday 05 Feb 2019
Most of us interact with football digitally, so to mark Safer Internet Day we've produced some guidance on how to stay safe online

As it's Safer Internet Day today, we're sharing some new guidance on how to stay safe online

We can all benefit from the digital world – it’s a great place when used appropriately. Sadly, despite its hugely positive benefits, we see news reports almost every day of its negative effects when used or accessed inappropriately.

More than two million children play football every week – and that’s not counting the additional millions who watch it live, on TV or via digital platforms. Most of us interact with football online, whether by email, social media or watching streamed matches online.

It follows that we, as the game’s governing body in this country, have a responsibility to promote safeguarding across all aspects of the game.

It also reflects our commitment to making the game safe and enjoyable for all – however and wherever it’s experienced.

“Safer Internet Day gives us a great opportunity to re-emphasise the importance of children and their parents/carers understanding how to stay safe online,” says Sue Ravenlaw, Head of Safeguarding.

With under-18s, clubs and leagues in mind, we’ve produced three downloadable guidance notes:

This forms part of a wider set of guidance notes we issue on all aspects of safeguarding, whether related to children or adults.

Find more about Safer Internet Day and access education packs, more resources and research

By FA Staff