The Travel Club membership is now closed!

The 2018-2020 Travel Club membership is now closed

Tuesday 17 Dec 2019
As a result of EURO 2020 applications, the Travel Club membership is now closed

The 2018-2020 England Supporters Travel Club membership closed at 1pm on Monday 16 December. It is not possible to join the Travel Club in order to access EURO 2020 tickets or apply for Austria v England tickets.

To give all members a fair chance of being allocated tickets, we've taken the decision to close the membership. If you're an existing member, there is nothing for you to worry about and your membership is still valid until July 2020. 

If you joined the Travel Club before 1pm on Monday 16 December, you will receive your EURO 2020 access code by 3pm today. If you do not receive your code by this time, please contact the England Supporters club before 5pm today. The telephone number to call is 0800 389 1966 or email

If you need to contact the England Supporters Club, you must include your FAN number in all correspondence or calls.


The deadline to submit your application is 1pm (2pm CET) on Wednesday 18 December.


Last minute applications

If you have yet to submit your application on UEFA's website, please do so now. Once you're on UEFA's website, you'll be asked to verify that you're not a robot, enter your access code and submit your application. For assistance, please refer to our EURO 2020 FAQ page and the step-by-step instructions we previously created for members. 

EURO 2020 FAQs


By FA Staff