Important EURO 2020 ticket update!

Final application update for Travel Club members

Tuesday 17 Dec 2019
Many of England's matches at EURO 2020 remain under-subscribed in some categories

Following our previous update and based on the latest application report from UEFA, Travel Club members should be aware of the following information when applying for EURO 2020 tickets.

If you aren't a 'top-capper' we would advise you to tick the box which allows you to move up or down a category to improve your chances of success. 

Members are also reminded that all knock-out match tickets are conditional. This means that if England do not reach a certain knock-out stage, all remaining knock-out match tickets become void and you will receive a refund after the tournament ends. In addition, you cannot pick and choose Round of 16 and Quarter Final tickets depending on the location. If you're allocated tickets for these matches, it will be regardless of whether England finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the group.

EURO 2020

Applications close at 1pm (2pm CET) tomorrow, Wednesday 18 December.



Category 1 is still under-subscribed; anyone on 0 caps and wishes to attend England's opening match are strongly advised to move to category 1.

Play-off winner C

Category 1 is also under-subscribed for this match; members on less than 10 caps and those with no caps at all are strongly advised to move to category 1 in order to improve their chances of being allocated a ticket.

Czech Republic

Depending on the results of the first two fixtures, the Czech Republic match could be a deciding game for England at EURO 2020. Based on current figures provided by UEFA, this match provides the best opportunity for members on 0 caps to attend an England match at EURO 2020. 

Both Category 1 and Category 2 are under-subscribed. Category 3 is heavily oversubscribed so anyone on 0 caps are encouraged to apply for category 1 or 2 in order to improve their chances of being allocated tickets.

Round of 16

Once again Category 1 is under-subscribed, members on a low number of caps (including 0 'cappers') are encouraged to apply for category 1. Due to the allocation and current application figures provided by UEFA, it is inevitable that members on a high number of caps (28 and below) will miss out due to their category choice. It is for this reason, that we encourage members to move to Category 1 in order to improve your chances of being allocated tickets and to prevent un-allocated tickets being returned to UEFA. 

Quarter Final

We are oversubscribed across all three categories for this fixture. Some members on 28 caps and below may miss out entirely due to their category choice. 

Semi-Final and Final

Categories 1 and 2 are significantly under-subscribed whereas 'Fans First' and Category 3 are heavily oversubscribed. We strongly advise members to move (where financially viable) to category 1 or 2 in order to avoid missing out on being allocated a ticket. 


Please be aware that once you have been allocated tickets and received notification from UEFA (January 2020), you will only have the option to buy either all or none of the tickets you're allocated. It will not be possible to pick and choose which tickets to pay for. Therefore we recommend all members apply for matches that they actually want to attend and can afford to pay for. 

For more information, please refer to our FAQs

EURO 2020 FAQs

If you contact the England Supporters Club after Tuesday 17 December, there is no guarantee we will be able to assist you with your query in time for Wednesday's deadline. 

By FA Staff