EURO 2020 application update

EURO 2020 ticket application advice for Travel Club members

Thursday 12 Dec 2019
An update for Travel Club members applying for EURO 2020 tickets

Following Tuesday's category split update for England tickets at EURO 2020, we're able to provide a further update for Travel Club members. The information provided below is subject to change but is based on the number of applications submitted to UEFA as of 9am this morning and the number of current ESTC members.


The EURO 2020 ticket portal closes at 1pm (2pm CET) on Wednesday 18 December. Do not miss this deadline!

Group matches

Categories 1 and 2 are under-subscribed across all three group matches. Category 3 is now oversubscribed so we advise any members on 10 caps or fewer to apply for category 1 or 2 to increase their chance of being allocated a ticket. 

R16 and QF

As of 9am this morning we're significantly under-subscribed for category 1 tickets for the both the Round of 16 and Quarter Final. Categories 2 and 3 are oversubscribed for both fixtures.

We advise members on 28 caps or fewer to move up a category. 

SF and Final

Both category 1 and 2 are significantly under-subscribed for both Semi-Final and Final fixtures. 'Fans First' tickets are heavily oversubscribed so we recommend members on 28 caps or fewer to move to another category and tick the box. 

How to edit your application

If you need to amend your application as a result of today's information, please login to the UEFA portal below and click the button which says "create or edit your application". After you've made your changes, you MUST click the button which says "submit application". If you do not click that button, none of you changes will be saved.

It will not be possible to amend or submit your application after 1pm Wednesday 18 December. If you miss this deadline, there will not be a second-chance-sale. FA staff will not be able to submit late requests or lobby UEFA for additional application time - regardless of your circumstances. 


New members

If you joined the Travel Club or created a FAN account for your carer after 1pm Monday 9 December, you will be eligible to submit your application from 2pm Friday 13 December. Anyone who joins the Travel Club after this date will be able to submit their application after 1pm on Monday 16 December. If you decide to upgrade after Monday 16 December, please bear in mind that you will probably miss the application deadline due to the requirement for your membership data to be validated with UEFA beforehand.

We are continuing to receive a high volume of queries from members that can be answered by our FAQ page and previous news stories. We urge all members to read the information we've provided in full before contacting the England Supporters Club.

EURO 2020 FAQs

If you choose to contact us after Monday 16 December, we may not be able to respond to your query in time for the application window closing. 

By FA Staff