ESTC: Tournament ballots explained

Ballot information for Travel Club members applying for EURO 2020 tickets

Tuesday 20 Aug 2019
Information for Travel Club members

Subject to England's qualification, all 2018-2020 England Supporters Travel Club members may apply to purchase one ticket for their own use at each England match at EURO 2020.

As previously communicated, only Travel Club members will be eligible to apply for tickets in the member's allocation. If you're not yet a Travel Club member, you still have time to upgrade before the draw for the tournament is made in November. 

How to join the England Supporters Travel Club?

Go to You'll need your passport details, a photo for your membership card and a credit/debit card.

Tournament ballots explained

In the event that an England match is oversubscribed (there are more applications than there are tickets), a ballot will be conducted in order to fairly allocate tickets.

  • 70% of the ticket allocation for each England game will be offered to members with the highest number of caps who applied. The number of caps you will need to qualify for the top 70% will depend on whether your caps total puts you in the top 70% of members who've applied for a specified match and the size of The FA's allocation for that game. 
  • Members who are unsuccessful in this draw (for the 70%) will go into two ballots for the remaining tickets as follows:

1. 20% will be balloted to members who have attended at least two away games and four home games in the 2018-2020 membership period.

2. 10% will be balloted to members who missed out on both the 70% allocation and 20% allocation (they have not attended at least two away games and four home games in the membership period). 

  • In the event that an England match is oversubscribed, tickets will not be issued to members who have not attended a single match (either home or away) in the 2018-2020 membership period. If you're a Travel Club member on 0 caps and planning on applying for EURO 2020 tickets, we recommend that you attend at least one of England's remaining fixtures before December
  • We aim to allocate tickets for major tournaments in the fairest possible way and in accordance with these Rules. However, this is subject to the agreement of UEFA. We therefore reserve the right to amend the ticket allocation procedures for the UEFA EURO 2020™ tournament if necessary. 


Important information

Caps for the March and June friendlies will not count towards caps totals for EURO 2020 as they will occur after the application process has closed.

During December's application process only Travel Club members can apply for themselves and other Travel Club members. If you want to apply in the December application window and the other people in your group are not Travel Club members, they will need to upgrade now. 

If you plan to apply as a group with other Travel Club members and you all have different caps levels please be aware that each individual member will be reviewed separately. Some may be guaranteed tickets as a result of their caps level. Those who are not guaranteed tickets will be entered into a ballot (if the specific match is oversubscribed). If more than one of you in the group is entered into the ballot then every member of the balloted group will either be successful or unsuccessful. 

Duplicate applications will not increase your chances of being allocated tickets to EURO 2020 so please do not submit more than one application (either by changing the spelling of your name or switching lead booker). If you do submit duplicate applications, UEFA will not know which one is required and may cancel all applications submitted. 

Please be mindful that if you're successfully allocated tickets to the tournament in December, you will not have the option to pick and choose which matches you want to pay for. You will only have the option to pay for all or none of the tickets you're allocated. We would also advise that you only apply for the tickets that you can afford and ensure that when it comes to payment (if successful with your application) that you ensure there are sufficient funds in your account. 

If you wish to attend non-England matches at EURO 2020 please be aware you will not be able to apply for these through The FA in December. 

We will continue to update the website and provide a EURO 2020 FAQ page once England's qualification has been confirmed and discussions with UEFA have begun.

By FA Staff