Our new National Futsal Series will kick-off for its first campaign in 2019-20

Thursday 18 Apr 2019
The new National Futsal Series will begin its inaugural campaign in September 2019

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new National Futsal Series competition for the 2019-20 season.

This is an exciting period for Futsal in England following on from the launch of our first ever Futsal strategy in 2018.

And this new competition provides us with an opportunity to continue the transformation of Futsal across the country.

After conducting a wide-ranging consultation with the Futsal sector, both in the development of the strategy and in the period following its launch, the messages have been clear.

There are opportunities to improve the profile of Futsal and the quality of our national league offering, including all aspects of the competition experience, and to work towards a more sustainable league model which in turn supports the growth of the clubs competing within it.

A strong domestic national competition structure is central to our ambitions for Futsal and this has led to the decision to focus investment into a new national Futsal competition from the 2019-20 season as part of a long-term vision of transformation.

This will be known as the National Futsal Series and will launch in September 2019.

The NFS will run under a new governance structure overseen ultimately by our Futsal Committee, which will be in place for the 2019-20 season and will be reviewed continuously as the NFS grows.

The new NFS will see England's top Futsal clubs competing for honours again

Guidance on being part of the National Futsal Series.

Download our supporting documents which provide a brief overview of the NFS and details of the two-stage application process for clubs wishing to participate in the new league.

Applications for entry to the Women's NFS are now open with details available in the documents below.

For any club wishing to enter the new league this must be submitted by email to NFSApplications@TheFA.com by 5pm on Friday 26 July.

Any questions regarding the National Futsal Series, or the application process, should be directed to the following dedicated email support address: NFSQueries@TheFA.com

By FA Staff