Highlights from the Council meeting Thursday 4 April 2019

Friday 05 Apr 2019
The FA Council met on Thursday 4 April 2019

Below is an update on the Council meeting which took place on 4 April 2019. 

The main highlights were as follows:

International Football Association Board – Changes to the Laws of the Game

David Elleray (Chair, Referees Committee) presented to the Council on the changes to the Laws of the Game which will be introduced from the 2019 / 2020 season. The changes are aimed at improving player behaviour and increasing respect; increasing playing time; and increasing the fairness and attractiveness of the game. The changes include:

  • Substituted players leaving at the nearest point
  • The introduction of yellow and red cards for team officials
  • Goal kicks and free kicks in the penalty area no longer needing to leave the penalty area to be in play
  • Dropped balls will become uncontested
  • Players from the attacking team must be at least 1m away from a defensive wall
  • Handballs will be penalised where the position of the hand/arm has had the effect of creating a bigger barrier for the ball/opponent

Women’s Professional Game

Council received a presentation from Kelly Simmons (Women’s Professional Game Director) on the new structure of the women’s professional game in England, which is headed up by The FA Women’s Super League, then The FA Women’s Championship and then a series of regional divisions comprising The FA Women’s National League.

Changes to the Rules and Articles of Association

Council approved a number of changes to the Rules and Articles of Association.  These will now go forward for approval to The FA’s 116th Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 23 May 2019.

Questions for the Chairman and CEO

Greg and Martin responded to a number of questions from Council Members, which included recent incidents of poor behaviour by supporters, media reports regarding a possible rebranding of The FA and whether The FA will bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2030.

By FA Staff