See how a group of Muslims in Birmingham get their football fix during Ramadan

Tuesday 12 Jun 2018
The Ramadan League is held at the Aston Villa Foundation Academy Centre in Birmingham

Imagine having to fast from dawn until sunset every day for a month and still find the energy to play football.

That’s a familiar situation faced by thousands of football-loving Muslims across the country during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

But one group have found a way to make it work, with a popular ‘Midnight League’ proving successful in Birmingham.

Set up by the Birmingham CFA and held at the Aston Villa Foundation Academy centre, the league offers local teams a chance to play during the small hours after prayer time and breaking their day-long fast.

And such is its reputation and popularity, teams of shift workers and students are also getting involved in the Midnight League regardless of their own religious beliefs.

Watch the video below for more details on the Midnight League and a focus on some of those who are involved in it.

By FA Staff