Dwaine Maynard, brother of Marcus Rashford, writes of his pride ahead of World Cup

As England's Marcus Rashford prepares for and heads to his first World Cup, the striker's brother Dwaine Maynard writes for TheFA.com to provide all fans with a family's perspective as one of their own experiences life at the globe's biggest football competition...

Tuesday 05 Jun 2018
Marcus Rashford's brother Dwaine Maynard has written for TheFA.com ahead of the 2018 World Cup

Hard work pays off

The day of the World Cup squad announcement was just brilliant. It was a great day for the whole family. Since Marcus was involved in the Euros two years ago, he’s worked hard and had this as a benchmark to keep working hard with his club and this is the reward at the end of it.

We were all so proud when he was named and as for the big announcement itself, I quite liked it. It was quite different, with the way it was done in the video, but I thought it was good and just added to a great day.

Marcus was actually training at the time when it was announced because they were preparing for the FA Cup Final at the end of that week, so we weren’t actually with him but just waiting for it around the TV at home.

So when it came on, it was just good times and we were all hammering his phone with texts.

I have to say Marcus was probably the coolest one of all. He was buzzing really, he tried to play it down a bit and be Mr Cool, but when he came home you could see it in his face.

There's a good spirit in the squad - Marcus was buzzing when he came home for a day after the Nigeria game


Squad settling

Marcus has been with the squad for a week or so now and he’s really enjoying it. There’s different players from different clubs, but they all mix in together really well. There’s a young core in the group and Marcus has been a part of that for two years.

He has a bit more responsibility now and he has a say in things with how the group are doing things and he’s taken to the meetings really well and I just think he’s got a lot of energy.

He came back home for a day after the Nigeria game and he was absolutely bouncing all over the place. He’s confident and full of smiles so I think it’s been really good in the camp so far.

Keeping count

Seeing the video of Marcus and keepy-ups brought back memories for me and all the family. He’s been doing those since he was about six-years-old, the only difference now is he’s wearing football boots and it’s a bigger audience! He used to do that on the walk to school but with tennis balls and things like that. He’s got a little technique when he keeps it underneath his shin and puts the back spin on it as well. He could do that for days, but it’s just come from years of practise.

A super send-off

We all went down for the Nigeria game and I thought it was brilliant, the atmosphere at Wembley and the way the fans were towards Marcus was quite moving. When he came on they gave him a great reception, not just the England fans but the Nigeria fans too.

And we’ll all be going over to Leeds on Thursday for the Costa Rica game too, so we’re looking forward to that. With it being played at a club ground rather than Wembley, it brings back memories of that game with Australia in Sunderland two years ago when we were all there to see Marcus score after three minutes of his debut.

I’ve never been to Elland Road before, and I don’t think Marcus has played there either, so it’s a new adventure for us and for once, it’s closer to home for us than Wembley.

Our mum’s not going out to Russia for the group games, so this’ll be the last chance for the whole family to come along and see Marcus on the pitch before they go.

Hopefully he’ll score for us all and give everyone that boost before the World Cup and going into that first game.

Marcus has been working hard on his keepy-up skills since he was a schoolboy!


By Dwaine Maynard