Improving diversity, inclusion and culture of The Football Association

Tuesday 09 Jan 2018
The FA is 'For All'

While The FA seeks to be 'For All', the lack of diversity in the administration and elite coaching of the game is in contrast with the diversity of the players on the pitch.

By becoming a more diverse organisation that reflects modern-day football, it will help us make better decisions and therefore deliver better outcomes for the game.

We are developing a new inclusion and diversity plan that, between now and 2020, will enable us to make real progress on the inclusion and diversity of The FA.

This work has been commissioned by an external partner and its initial findings and recommendations will be presented to The FA Board by Easter 2018.

We will set realistic goals in BAME and gender balance for our overall workforce and, as part of our new inclusion and diversity plan, publish specific targets for our Council, Board, executive workforce and national coaching groups. These targets will be set based on the guidance of independent experts.

We will publicly disclose our gender pay gap by April 2018 and its findings will be reflected in the new inclusion and diversity plan. We will also invest in senior resource to lead our diversity and inclusion work.

Our Inclusion and Advisory Board [IAB], under the supervision of The FA Board, will lead the new plan and hold the executive to account for making it happen. The IAB will report quarterly to The FA Board on progress.

We will retrain everyone in what diversity and inclusion means at The FA today, including on unconscious bias and the ability to communicate sensibly and sensitively with each other. This training will be extended across all executive and non-executive employees and representatives, and will take place in 2018.

We will continue our work towards achieving the advanced level of the equality standard for sport, administered by the five sport councils through the sports council equality group. We hope to achieve this by 2019.

By FA Staff