A greater level of engagement with ex-players and coaches within the FA's leadership

Tuesday 09 Jan 2018
Former England players Graeme Le Saux and Martin Keown take part in a Q&A

As a member organisation structured around its clubs and County FAs, the representation of the individual participant communities has historically been limited within The FA.

The Professional Footballers Association and the League Managers Association have, in recent times, been represented on FA Council and on various stakeholder groups of the Football Regulatory Authority.

However, beyond this representation and in comparison to other football federations and national governing bodies, there is a noticeable shortage of ex-players and ex-coaches within the leadership of The FA.

As with broader inclusion issues, this represents a missed opportunity in terms of the potential further insight and perspective that can and should be informing our decision making. We therefore propose:-

• Establishment of an ex-England player ‘On-Board’ programme similar to the ex-player BAME equivalent programme run with the PFA. This programme will work with two or three ex-England male and female players a year to help mentor them through a leadership development course and to create interest in them taking future roles within the FA, County FAs, leagues and clubs. The programme will commence for the 2018-19 season.

• The chairman is in consultation with key stakeholders in the game about establishing a diverse football advisory panel of cross-game expertise to offer regular guidance to our Board on how we can ensure national team success across all age groups in the women's, men's, youth and disability games. The panel will have specific insight from the senior player and coach/manager community.

By FA Staff