The FA People's Cup

Wiltshire FC's walking football star Alphonso Archer provides People's Cup soundtrack

Wiltshire FC head to St. George’s Park this weekend for their first appearance in the FA People’s Cup Finals. Since their formation in 2016, they’ve grown and grown across their county and for star man Alphonso Archer, 55, who has suffered from prostate cancer and Arteriovenous Malformation in the last few years, it’s a crack at glory.

Friday 27 Apr 2018
Alphonso Archer (fourth in from left) Wiltshire FC are competing in the Walking Football section of the FA People's Cup Finals at St. George's Park

This is my second year of playing walking football, after previously playing football up until the age of 47, when I gave up.

But when I heard about walking football, it was just a dream come true for me and I love being involved.

This is the FA Cup for amateur football, so as far as we're concerned, we're playing in the FA Cup Final for walking football.
- Tony Norton, Founder, Wiltshire FC

I’m a musician too and I wrote an album which all came about because I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

After my surgery, my passion for life, music and football was reignited so my dream would be, if we won, to play the title track off my album 'Formula For Life' as we're going out there, because that means so much to still be alive and enjoying every single day.

Scoring a goal feels no different from when I was five-years-old. Now I'm 55, it still feels the same.

And now we're going to St. George’s Park, it's just like living that dream.

Watch our video with Wiltshire FC below, or find out when are in action this weekend, along with all the other FA People’s Cup action on our general information page here.

By Alphonso Archer Wiltshire FC