Fourth substitute in extra-time permitted from first round onwards

Monday 13 Nov 2017
A fourth substitution can now be made in extra-time in the Emirates FA Cup

The FA has announced that a fourth substitute will be permitted to be used in extra-time in matches from the first round onwards in this season’s Emirates FA Cup.

Last season, The FA introduced the fourth substitute in extra-time from the quarter final stage of the competition, following a study from the International Football Association Board (IFAB) to analyse the impact an additional substitute in extra-time would have on a match and its outcome.

In accordance with Emirates FA Cup competition rules, a maximum of seven substitutes may be nominated for a game, and a club may, at its discretion, use three of those seven substitute players at any time in a match during normal time.

This season, in the event that extra-time is played in any match in the competition proper, a club may use one additional player from the nominated seven substitutes during the period of extra-time. 

The Emirates FA Cup first round replays take place this week, with five ties scheduled between 14-16 November.

Winning clubs will receive £18,000 and a place in the second round, with fixtures to be played the weekend of 2-3 December.

By FA Staff