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All coaches can access and use the England DNA training resource for young players

Thursday 07 Dec 2017

Coaches of young players at all levels can now take advantage of the England DNA Foundation Phase resource via a free online hub.

Hosted on a community platform by Hive Learning, grassroots coaches of players aged from U5-12 can access a wealth of practical ideas, video clips, tips and advice as well as a discussion forum used by other coaches from both the grassroots and professional game.

And under-pinning the resource are the key messages of the England DNA that will help connect the philosophy of the Three Lions’ senior and development teams to all of those aspiring young players taking the first steps of their football journey making top level tuition available For All.

The innovative pages aim to help coaches at all levels provide the best experience possible for the 1000s of young players who play and train every week.

Players are only young once, so we’re committed to making their first taste of football both enjoyable and memorable and coaches who use the resource and its key messages will help develop those players in line with the England DNA, which makes this the most exciting part.

We have been speaking to two coaches, one from grassroots and the other from the professional game, about how the resource has influenced their coaching and helped them work more effectively with their players in line with the England DNA key messages.
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How to find the resource

The resource’s home is on The FA’s community platform on Hive Learning available by clicking here. It takes a few minutes to sign up and once registered, simply use the site’s search bar and type in ‘England DNA Foundation Research Phase Resource’

Select from the drop down menu to join and you’ll have instant access to the hub and its free content.

Enjoy, and good luck…

By FA Staff