The FA's Darren Bailey discusses anti-doping testing policies

Friday 20 Nov 2015
Darren Bailey responds to observations on anti-doping testing policies

Darren Bailey, The FA's director responsible for anti-doping, has responded to recent observations on the domestic game's testing policies.

Speaking to Bailey, The FA's director of football regulation and administration, said: "The FA operates one of the most comprehensive anti-doping testing programmes in the world and conducted 2,286 tests in season 2014-15. 

"We conduct drug testing both in and out of competition on a no-notice basis including at players' home addresses. We share all relevant information with UK Anti-Doping, FIFA and UEFA and are committed to ensuring the integrity of English football is maintained.

"The FA has been running a blood profiling programme in the Premier League since the 2012-13 season. Every blood profiling sample is analysed by UKAD and target testing is undertaken on any unusual results. As with urine testing, there have been exceptionally few unusual results in English football and, whilst we are in no way complacent, none which have so far suggested a doping issue.

"The FA has been steroid profiling all urine samples taken from every player tested in the Football League and Premier League since January 2014, having been steroid profiling all Premier League players in previous seasons. All samples are reviewed by UK Anti-Doping.

"Consequently, every player competing in English football who is selected by UEFA for their steroid profiling programme will already have a steroid profile in existence and that data will be shared. We are pleased that UEFA are bringing this programme in as any programme which assists in maintaining the integrity of football is welcomed. 

"The FA’s representative on UEFA’s Anti-Doping Panel has been liaising with UEFA throughout this process and sharing all relevant information to make the programme a success.

"The FA is also committed to educating players on the risks of doping and has a broad education programme which includes online education modules, player essential guides, presentations and workshops, posters and wallet-sized prohibited lists. website is regularly updated with information and we are available on the phone or e-mail for advice at any time."

By FA Staff