Alan Shearer and Bryan Robson top Roy's list

Wednesday 25 Mar 2015
Roy Hodgson answers questions from the EE Fanbot at Wembley
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Roy Hodgson revealed that Alan Shearer and Bryan Robson would be at the top of his list if he could pick any past England players.

The Three Lions boss was answering fans questions at Wembley Stadium in the build-up to the European Qualifier with Lithuania on Friday night. And Hodgson was caught between the two former skippers.

Roy Hodgson EE fanbot

Roy was quizzed by the EE Fanbot 

The Q&A was made possible by the EE Fanbot – a telepresence robot which allowed fans to dial in over EE’s 4G network and submit their questions to Hodgson.

"You always look at centre-forwards and Alan Shearer would be an obvious choice," Hodgson told the Fanbot. 

"But also a guy like Bryan Robson. 

"He was a fantastic captain for England and also a midfield dynamo, so I'd choose between those two."

Hodgson was also asked to name the players he idolised growing up. And he picked a trio of stars who plied their trade at various clubs in London.

Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg

Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg

He continued: "I had three, I guess, through various phases of my youth. The first was a Crystal Palace player, Johnny McNicholl, and then there were two who are fairly contemporary and both shared my affections. 

"Johnny Byrne, also of Crystal Palace and West Ham, and the last one was George Eastham when he came down to the Arsenal."

When asked about other sporting heroes, the former Fulham and West Brom manager immediately mentioned two athletes who have dazzled the world with performances in another of the capital's iconic sports venues – Wimbledon.  

"I'd probably look at tennis and two sporting heroes in that regard who have had tremendous achievements.

"First of all Bjorn Borg, the Swedish tennis champion, and latterly Roger Federer so they would be my choices."

Roy Hodgson answers EE Fanbot questions

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EE has also worked with Wembley to transform the iconic stadium arch with the installation of the fastest LED lighting system in the world.

You can watch the full EE Fanbot Q&A with Roy in the player above.

By FA Staff