We Can Play: Inspiring girls to play football

Monday 08 Jun 2015
We want more girls, parents and teachers to realise girls can play
It’s time to say We Can Play.

Football isn’t a sport for girls. Until now. 

- 4 out of 5 girls playing recreational football don't feel confident in doing so
- 81% of girls think football is suitable for boys. The figure drops to 56% who think it is suitable for girls.

We want more girls, parents and teachers to realise that girls can play. That it’s not just a sport for boys. That girls who play football at home, or with their friends, or at school are just regular girls who love football. They need cheering on just as much as boys do. 

We’ve chosen the internet as a place to start changing perceptions and inspiring more girls to play. 

This summer, by changing the way ‘football girls’ are shown on the internet, and sharing content from real football girls, we hope more girls will see that this is a sport for them.


Join The FA in supporting girls football.

- 95% of boys aged 10 play football compared to only 41% of girls
- Only 3% of mini soccer teams are girls only

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Thanks for your support, and if you want to find your nearest club just click here.

By FA Staff