Toni Duggan answers your questions via @england

Monday 15 Sep 2014
Toni Duggan has scored 12 goals for England in 22 games

England Women’s striker Toni Duggan took some time out at St. George’s Park to answer fans’ questions on Twitter via @england.

The 23-year-old is with the rest of Mark Sampson’s squad who are currently preparing for their final World Cup qualifier in Montenegro on Wednesday.

Duggan, who you can follow on Twitter @toni_duggan, scored a hat-trick the last time the two sides met – helping England to a comfortable 9-0 win in Brighton.

Montenegro v England

FIFA Women's World Cup 2015
Group 6 qualifier
3pm, Wednesday 17 September 2014
Petrovac, Montenegro

A 4-0 win over Wales last month sealed the Three Lions’ place at Canada 2015.

And with fans keen to find out about Duggan’s thoughts on the World Cup and the upcoming match against Germany at Wembley, the Manchester City star sat down with FATV for an extended Q&A…

When did you turn professional #AskToni
January this year and I’ve loved every minute of it.

What were your favourite subjects at school? :)
I was good at maths to be fair. The next Carol Vorderman here...

Toni, have you ever answered a tweet that would make someone's day? If no, why not now? #AskToni
Heyyyyyy :)

There are 15 Fridays till Christmas!!!
Wow... I best make a move on getting some presents in.

What music would you listen to before a game..? #AskToni
I really like dance & house music anything upbeat really.

#AskToni Hey toni what u have for dins? 

Hey tim, it’s been a while. I had chicken, sweet potato, sweetcorn (obviously) & sweet chilli. What did you have?
If you wasn't playing football would you open up a salon for your braids and Scouse brows? Haha #AskToni 
Sounds a plan, my salon actually does quite well when we are away.

How do you think ladies football could best get better national coverage? #AskToni 
More national press coverage is key.

Do you think Karen Carney will go out with me?
Here you go @karenjcarney you have a fan....must be my make overs!

Toni Duggan talks on Twitter


On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about playing @wembleystadium in November? #AskToni 
10, hope that you’re coming.

Who was your biggest influence when growing up? #asktoni
Mo Marley has been the biggest influence on my football. Amazing coach who I owe so much to.

#AskToni Do you miss playing with @MichelleHinni I miss yous two on same team haha
Of course, she’s my best mate and we definitely had a bit of telepathy going on.

Is there a particular team you would really like to face at the World Cup? #AskToni
Would love to play against Brazil, love playing against the best teams & players and have never faced them before.

Was it a hard decision leaving Everton?
The hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in football. Will always love the club #OnceABlue

#AskToni Who would you say is the best player for mcfc men's team?
Got to say Aguero, but also love Yaya Toure. So many great players which is why they are champions.

What’s the best thing about playing for England?
Singing the national anthem at home is an amazing feeling that not many people get to experience.

#AskToni What's the most treasured football shirt that you own?
I’d say my signed Roberto Carlos shirt, what a legend.

If you weren't a footballer what would you have liked to have become? #AskToni
After trying boxing out over the past few weeks, I would have liked to give that a try.

#AskToni How did you get to where you are today as an athlete?
Hard work, determination & many sacrifices but all worth it.

Who is your all-time favourite keeper?
My england teamie @klbardsley have you seen that cat play?!

#AskToni If there was one other female footballer you would like to play with who would it be and why? Big fan!
Marta - and if you are reading this you are welcome at Manchester City anytime!!!

Which three famous sports people would u have round for dinner n drinks? #AskToni
Messi, Usain Bolt, Gazza.

What are you looking forward to more, the cup final or playing at Wembley? #asktoni
Both will be great occasions and it will be unbelievable to be involved in both.

#asktoni How are you preparing for the artificial pitches at the world cup, and do you think it's fair to use them?
The facilities here at @StGeorgesPark are fantastic which allows us to use 3g pitches. We will be ready!!

Toni will be hoping to be part of Mark Sampson's England side to take on the two-time world champions Germany at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 23 November (3pm KO).

Tickets can be purchased via and 'early bird' tickets are priced at £10 for adults and £1 for children

By Glenn Lavery at St. George's Park