Sanderson answers your questions on Twitter

Thursday 30 Oct 2014
Lianne Sanderson deep in thought

England Women’s tantalising Wembley clash with Germany was at the front of Lianne Sanderson’s mind as she answered fans’ questions on Twitter.

The striker commandeered the @england account on Wednesday and with fans keen to find out about her career in America and her taste in music, Sanderson, who is currently at an 11-day training camp at St. George's Park, sat down with FATV for an extended Q&A.

She said of next month’s match against Germany: "I can’t stop thinking about it. It all seems a bit surreal to be honest.

England Women v Germany

Breast Cancer Care International
Wembley Stadium connected by EE
3pm, Sunday 23 November
Live on BBC Two
Tickets priced £15 adults, £1 children Call 0844 8262010 or visit

"Playing at Wembley is going to be unbelievable for not only me and the girls but all our family and friends.

"It’s going to be a memorable day for everybody involved."

What type of music would you listen to before a game?
I love listening to beyonce, justin timberlake and most types of music. I love music.

Aloha Lianne!  How FIRED up are you and the team to be going up against Germany?

We cannot wait for it. We hope to see you at the game. It’s going to be unbelievable and a great test.

What is your favorite farm animal?

A potbelly pig haha

Footballing idol?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Do u think there's such a thing as "too much defence?"

Haha never

How did you go about getting the chance to play in America?

I was drafted in the international draft in 2010 and it’s the best decision I ever made.

Lianne's Twitter takeover


What helps u get thru the unexpected downswings in ur career as a pro footballer?

Surrounding myself with positive people and family. I love life and people and I now know who I need and want in my life.

What do you do a couple of hours before a match?

Listen to music, stay focused and stay calm

What is directly to your left?

@StGeorgesPark library bookshelf haha

If you weren't a football player what would you do?

A model or in tv

Do you find it a blessing or a hindrance looking great, playing great and being great?

Thanks Mark, for your lovely tweet: )

Do you ever see yourself returning to the UK and playing in the WSL?!

All will be revealed soon : )

Best coach played under?

Paul Riley and Mark Sampson

What's the chances of me getting your shirt after the game at Wembley?

I have already promised my shirt to someone but maybe another game you come to

Who's been the best player you've played against this year?

Veronica Boquete

Favourite football team and player?

Manchester United - Di Maria or Van Persie

Real Madrid or Barça and why?

Real Madrid and love @Cristiano #AskLianne

What car do u have?

I don't drive!!

Who is your fave Southampton fc player past or present?

Past - Adam Lallana

How does it feel that you play for England, is it a dream? #AskLianne

It's something you dream of as a child and to be able to share that moment with family and friends is amazing

Marmite or Vegemite?  #AskLianne

Neither they are both horrible : (

Favourite three grounds to have played at? #AskLianne

Old Trafford, The Emirates and @wembleystadium. All amazing stadiums.

How does it feel knowing that you're doing something to benefit others? #AskLianne

To have the platform that we do to help others is the best feeling ever. I love helping people in any way I can.

Who has a better beard: Andrea Pirlo or Xabi Alonso?

Best Beard has to be Pirlo. He's not a bad player either!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Becoming a full professional in America in 2010 and being called back into the England team in 2014.

Who was your Footballing Idol as a kid and when you was growing up?

Dennis Bergkamp and Eric Cantona were my idols

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring striker such as myself, what would it be?

Always stay focused on your goal and what you want to do. Be disciplined and never give up

How young were you when you started to play football?

I started playing for a boys team when I was 6 years old

Do you have any cousins?

Haha yes many as you know only too well

Do you play FIFA on Xbox?

FIFA? Of course

By Glenn Lavery at St. George's Park