How you can help battle discrimination at grassroots level

Monday 17 Mar 2014
The FA is urging players and fans alike to report all forms of discrimination

The FA today launches the Reporting Discrimination videos - a series of short films to show players and fans of the game how to play their part in eradicating discrimination from football.

While giant leaps have been made to end discriminatory language and behaviour from the beautiful game, the authorities still rely on the help of the thousands involved at the grassroots level.

In parks and playing fields up and down the country we need you to carry on the good work and remain proactive in the battle against discrimination.

After all, if an incident goes unreported, it cannot be dealt with. 

So players and fans are being encouraged to ‘See It. Hear It. Report It.’

The animated films explain how to go about reporting incidents of discrimination – and this has to start at the grassroots level.

If you witness discrimination while watching a grassroots game it is equally serious. Here is how you can play your part in eradicating it from the game.

Commenting on the initiative, Darren Bailey, The FA’s director of football governance and regulation said: “The FA has worked collaboratively to instil confidence in its reporting processes.

“We encourage anyone involved in the game who has witnessed or experienced any form of discriminatory abuse to report it.

“The films make it clear the various ways in which this can be done and are therefore a helpful tool in the overall fight against discrimination.”

“See It. Hear It. Report It.”

Reporting discrimination 

Meanwhile, Lord Herman Ouseley, chair of Kick It Out, also welcomed the move and encouraged everyone who loves the game to get involved.

“Kick It Out welcomes any material that will increase knowledge amongst players and supporters of how to report discriminatory incidents which occur across the professional game and grassroots level,” he said.

“The free downloadable Kick It Out app features in the films and offers a quick, easy and discreet way of reporting incidents anonymously. 

“Kick It Out encourages The FA to continue producing information on the reporting procedures to ensure equality can be achieved by all.”

For more information on how you can play your part in eradicating discrimination from the game click on the links below to download The FA's Reporting Discrimination booklets.

Reporting Discrimination - Players at Grassroots Level

Reporting Discrimination - Supporters at Grassroots Level

By FA Staff