Kimblerley Walsh calls for positive World Cup thinking

Friday 07 Mar 2014
Kimberley joined Gary Barlow at Wembley this week
Kimberley Walsh has called for a positive mental attitude from the entire English nation in the build up to the World Cup.

The singer and former Girls Aloud member has decided to call the shots and get the whole nation believing that England can go all the way.

She said: "I'm going to be positive and say I fancy our boys' chances in Brazil, let's be positive, let’s not all be negative before we’ve even got there. 

Gary Lineker sings

Gary Lineker joined joined in the action

"I'm playing my part in a World Cup, a very minor part but I'm still involved. I think if we win it I'll know one of those lifts of the World Cup is for me.”

It was a case of, lights, music, camera, action for Kimberley on Wednesday afternoon as she added her voice to the official England World Cup song at Sarm Studios in London. 

With England legends joining a host of pop stars for the show there was a whole lot of history in the room but Kimberley soon found out that many of the players’ skills lay firmly on the field.

She added: "Kenny Sansom was quite loud in my ear and he’d keep apologising and trying to put his hand over his mouth. I kept saying, let it go its fine, be free with it, it’s all in the name of fun!"

Although there was no good advice Kimberley could give the former England left-back to improve his performance on the mic she admits she couldn’t fault the guys for effort.

In fact, the former Girls Aloud star believes many may harbour a secret desire.

The stars cheer England

Kimberley was part of the World Cup singing group

"I think they’re all secret pop star wannabes deep down” she said, “Whereas I’m definitely not a wannabe footballer, I have no skills whatsoever!”

With the nation starting to count down the days to the World Cup the hope is that the song, a remake of Take That’s Greatest Day', will help inspire the Three Lions to make history in Brazil. 

And Kimberley feels if anything has a chance of doing that then it is this tune.

She said: ”I think 'Greatest Day' as a football song is the perfect choice. It's such an amazing anthem of a track which everyone will join in with. 

"It's so feel good and inspiring so I think it’ll put everybody in the right spirit around the World Cup."

The video, starring Kimberley, will be shown in full on Sport Relief Night on Friday 21 March and will be available to download on iTunes.

By FA Staff