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Find out how to reduce risk of flood damage

Tuesday 14 Jan 2014
Severe flooding at Leatherhead FC has caused problems this season.

Floods can have a devastating impact on sports clubs, causing significant damage to both changing and social facilities as well as to sports pitches.

The latest flooding has already impacted on the fixture schedule for many clubs and will do so for a few more weeks.

However, many clubs are affected by more regular flooding such as on the far corner of a playing field or in the grounds shed.

The scene at the Gateshead International Stadium for the postponed FA Cup tie between Gateshead and Oxford United.

The FA Cup tie between Gateshead and Oxford United was postponed due to a flooded pitch earlier this season.


There is much that can be done to help reduce the risk of flood damage and mitigate its impact when it occurs.

Sport England, working with a number of national governing bodies for sport (The FA, RFU, RFL, ECB, LTA and EHB), has produced a set of information sheets and a downloadable template for clubs and facility managers to help them find out:-

- Whether their facilities are at risk of flooding and if so, how to develop a flood plan and other strategies that will help reduce the impact of flooding.

- How to plan ahead – what to do to minimise the impact of future flooding of sports facilities.

- Developing a club flood plan – making sure everyone knows what to do in a flood.

- Flood resilient design – how to make sports facilities more resilient to flooding.

- What to do to minimise the impact of flooding following a flood alert / flood warning.

- After the flood (buildings) – how to recover from a flood safely and quickly.

- After the flood (pitches and courts) – how to recover from a flood safely and quickly.

This information is available by clicking here.

The ECB has also produced flood relief case studies which can be viewed by clicking here

Other sources of information

• The Environment Agency.
• The Blue Pages (an independent directory of flood protection products and services).
• The Association of British Insurers provide advice on resistant and resilient repair after a flood.
• The Institute of Groundsmanship working with Cranfield University have produced advice on the clean-up of flood damage on grounds.
• Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
• Royal Institute of British Architects.

By FA Staff