The FA Strategic Plan 2011-15

Wednesday 01 Jan 2014
FA Chairman Greg Dyke

The Football Association was founded in 1863 as the governing body of the game of football in England and is responsible for all regulatory aspects.

As The FA marks 150 years, there is a collective determination within to not only operate effectively and efficiently as a business but also to engage as fully as possible with the wider football family, not least the fans. As such, the focus in The FA Group Strategic Plan 2011-2015 is firmly on laying foundations for a healthy future. Click here to download a copy.

The FA’s activities are many and varied. These include:

  • Promoting the development of the game amongst all ages, backgrounds and abilities in terms of participation and quality. This also involves promoting the availability of the sport to the greatest possible number of people.
  • Regulating the game on and off the field of play through the "Laws of the Game" and the "Rules of The Association".
  • Sanctioning, either directly or indirectly, all matches, leagues and competitions played in England
  • Overseeing the administration of the disciplinary system, which is applicable to all participants in the game (each club, player, competition, match official and any other person involved in the game in England is bound by the Rules) and the administration of refereeing throughout the game
  • Organising a number of senior men’s, youth and women’s national competitions (including most notably The FA Challenge Cup) and the participation of England national representative teams (again, senior men’s, women’s and youth teams) in international matches, most notably the men’s senior team in the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA European Championship and friendly fixtures.

Launched among The FA Group in autumn 2011, the Strategic Plan “is not intended to be a grand mission statement or far-sighted vision for football in England”.

Instead, as Alex Horne, The FA’s General Secretary, continues: “It is a plan to focus our work to ensure The FA upholds its responsibility to all of English football.” 

The FA Group launched its internal FA Group Values to employees in 2013. 

Everyone lives by the values on a daily basis, working collaboratively to achieve our goals with the highest levels of integrity, striving for excellence and being proud of the work we do.

The FA's Values

The plan is based around three core goals, namely:

Build winning teams

Football for everyone

Govern the game effectively

These will guide everything The FA does over the coming years from games to grassroots to governance; from our development teams continuing to progress to qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil; from the opening of St. George’s Park in late summer 2012 to the consolidation of Wembley as the best stadium experience in the world.

Milestones always afford the chance to look back as well as forward, and in 2013 The FA is commemorating 150 years of organised football with a year-long feast of football. This will include high-profile international matches, major events and legacy projects that underline the range, reach and relevance of The FA looking forward to another memorable 150 years.

Click here to download The FA's Strategic Plan 2011-2015.

By FA Staff