Football unites to remember spirit of 1914 Christmas Truce

Sunday 07 Dec 2014
Manchester City and Everton united ahead of their game

Rivalries were put to one side on Saturday as the world of football united to commemorate the centenary of the 1914 Christmas Truce.  

The stories of widespread, unofficial ceasefires across the Western Front in 1914 have been retold through generations, and remain one of the most poignant examples of humanity overcoming the most harrowing of circumstances.

To mark the anniversary, every professional team in the Premier League, Football League, FA Cup – and all other levels of the game – began the week-long Football Remembers initiative to recognise the spirit shown on the battlefields 100 years ago.

Bury v Luton

Bury and Luton together before their FA Cup tie at Gigg Lane

All the pictures taken during Football Remembers have been stored as a 'moment in time' on

The commemorative period runs until 14 December.

Schools and amateur clubs across the country are also encouraged to send in their photos – and each one will be posted on the website and stored as a moment in history.

Football Remembers is a joint initiative by The FA, The Premier League, Football League and the British Council.

Earlier in 2014 the four partners launched a Football Remembers education pack that was sent to more than 30,000 schools across the UK through the British Council. 

Team from Cumberland and East Riding FA

Teams across the country, amateur and professional, all joined in. Pictured here are sides from the East Riding and Cumberland FA's.

It included resources to help children learn about the Truce – including eye-witness accounts, photos, drawings and letters from soldiers, some of which had never been published before. 

And school sides are encouraged to take their own images of matches throughout the commemorative period.

In his role as President of The FA, HRH The Duke of Cambridge backed Football Remembers and said: "The British Council, together with The FA, Premier League and Football League, have put together a tremendous resource for use in the classroom and at home. 

Staff at St. George

Staff at St. George's Park also paid tribute

"It promises to be a powerful way to engage and educate young people about such an important moment in our history. 

"We all grew up with the story of soldiers from both sides putting down their arms on Christmas Day, and it remains wholly relevant today as a message of hope over adversity, even in the bleakest of times."

School sides Walker and Heaton Manor

School teams have also been encouraged to get involved. Pictured here are Walker and Heaton Manor ahead of their game.

Send your pictures in by taking a combined photo of your game any time between 6-14 December.

Simply take a picture and upload to Twitter or Instagram using #FootballRemembers.

Click here to visit the Football Remembers website.

By Jamie Reid Senior Writer