How you can help stamp out discrimination in football

Saturday 23 Aug 2014
We need your help

The FA is reminding supporters and players at all levels of the game on ways to report discrimination as the new season begins.

Earlier this year The FA launched four films, which can be viewed here, that show step by step how to report abuse seen or heard. The FA will be contacting clubs at all levels to reinforce this message in the coming weeks.

New and improved avenues to report abuse are now available to the governing bodies and campaign bodies alike.

Chairperson’s Local Football Anti-Discrimination Panels

  • 28% black and ethnic minority background
  • 10% female
  • 4% registered disability


The Guardian has profiled that reports into the Kick It Out campaign of racism, sexism, homophobia and antisemitism have trebled during the course of last season. The organisation’s new app which allows discreet reporting at game’s, has been hailed as an important factor in this rise.

Increasing confidence in reporting is a key consideration for groups across the game. County FAs across the country collectively have seen 587 cases reported over the course of last season, which is a 163% increase.

In addition, the way in which cases are heard at a local level is now changing with County FAs now having Local Football Anti-Discrimination Panels to oversee cases with an aggravated and discriminatory element. 

The panels comprise of three individuals each from different demographics in order to give a wider view of the case at hand. This composition and new structure is designed to instill confidence.

By FA Staff