What’s it all about?

If you’re a footballer living with disability, Football Your Way offers guidance and ideas for you to ease your way back into playing our wonderful game. The goal is to give you the inspiration to stay active and connected while at home while you get ready for your return to the pitch or court.


There’s something for everyone, from skill demonstrations, to social media challenges and downloadable resources for all abilities and ages. As you’ll see here, there are activities for all disabled footballers. The ‘Pan-disability’ activities are intended to flex to different impairments and health conditions. 

We’ve designed Football Your Way to help thousands of disabled players return to training and playing in a fun and safe way. Parents/carers: This means your child or the adult you’re supporting can get involved with a little input from you.

The 3-Step Challenge

Working with the number 3, we want to encourage you to create your own challenge to test your skills. For example, pick a ball skill or body movement. Then set some targets based around three, e.g. three minutes, three miles, three reps or 30 secs – anything with the number 3 in it. 

You’ll see some ideas from other disabled players on the Football Your Way hub here.

Once you’ve created your own 3-Step Challenge, we’d love you to upload your video here. That way you might be selected as one of the players we feature to inspire other players with a disability similar to yours. It also means you’ll be entered in our free prize draw to win one of several great prizes. See the full list here, as well as the Terms and Conditions which apply. Parents/carers: If the film of your child or the adult you are supporting is selected to inspire others, we’ll be in touch to get your prior consent.

Safety first

Parents/carers: please consider all these tips before your child or the adult you are supporting gets involved in Football Your Way activity.

We want everyone to stay safe when taking part in Football Your Way, so here are some tips: 

Pre-check: If you haven’t played football or exercised for a while, please speak to your doctor to check the activities you plan are suitable.
Warm up: Before taking part in any of the Football Your Way activities and challenges, ensure you warm up and have stretched your muscles.
Stay hydrated: Have a drink with you. It’s important to stay hydrated while exercising. 
Make space: Create a clear area free from obstacles and trip hazards. The area should leave plenty of space between where you’ll be playing/exercising and any surrounding walls, fences or furniture. 
Be comfortable: Wear clothing and footwear that’s right for the type of surface on which you’ll be playing. 
Take it steady: Go at your own pace, take regular breaks and only do what you’re comfortable doing. Parents/carers: Please ensure at all times that the pace/effort is suitable for your child or the adult you’re supporting.
Avoid pain: During exercise you should feel no more than a burning sensation in your muscles, not a sharp pain. If something hurts, stop. 
Warning signs: If you feel any chest pain, dizziness or feel faint at any time whilst exercising, stop immediately and contact a doctor. 
Don’t overheat: Take particular care exercising on a hot day. If you’ve any issues with regulating your body temperature, please speak to your doctor first. 
Cool down: After the activity stretch your muscles again to cool down.

The S.T.E.P. principle

The S.T.E.P. principle is a framework used by sports coaches and PE teachers. It ensures all activity is bespoke to the people or individuals taking part. For example, that it’s not too difficult and is therefore demotivating. Or that it’s too easy and not challenging enough.

We encourage you to apply it to any activity you’re planning so your return to football is graduated and safe. In short, just right for you.

S stands for Space, T for Task, E for Equipment and P for People. Click here to read more about the S.T.E.P principle so you can make the Football Your Way resources work for you.

Of course, in every activity, please ensure you comply with the latest ‘return to football’ guidance issued by The FA in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find The FA’s latest guidance notes here.

Parents/carers: Please ensure you always apply the S.T.E.P. Principal.

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