Matchday offers multiple ways to collect and pay match fees

There are various ways to pay for match fees

Key benefits


- Instant payment tracking: Who's paid/who's not?

- Cashflow: Money in your account on matchdays

- Time-saving: No more chasing late fess


- No more cash: Players haven't got cash? No excuse!

- Who's paid/who's not: Instant visibility

Players + parents/carers:

- Cashless: No need to fiddle with cash on matchday

- Pay on tap: Click and pay before you kick a ball

- Keep tabs: See what you've paid and what you owe

And it's all:

- Simple, secure and easy to set up

- All backed by The FA partner PayPal, the No.1* preferred online payment method

*Ipsos Conjoint Research of 1,500 respondents, 2018

The FA Matchday app exists to make the admin side of football life as easy as possible for everyone – clubs, coaches/managers, players – and in youth football, parents/carers too.

One of the big ways it makes life easier is the collection and payment of match fees. There’s no more need for cash. Thanks to our partner PayPal, payments are made at the touch of a button. And the money’s in your account straight away, so there’s no more keeping records of who’s paid and who hasn’t – so no chasing for late fees.

There are now three ways to pay match fees on Matchday:

1) NEW! Monthly autocollect and autopay

Simply activate PayPal’s new subscription service, and every month PayPal transfers a flat fee from your players – or a parent/carer. It’s a direct debit system in effect. Follow the link below to watch a video showing how to set this up:

How to setup PayPal's subscription service

2) Annual payment

One annual payment from each player (or parent/carer). It’s transferred at the start of the season, so your club has the money up front.

3) Pay as you play

Instantly transfer match fees from each player on the day of the game. No more excuses that someone hasn’t got cash.

There’s no ‘right’ way to pay – it’s whatever works best for clubs, coaches/managers, players and parents/carers. The idea is to be as flexible as possible, as everyone’s needs can be different.

Not using the Matchday app?

You’re missing out big time. Follow the link below to sign up to PayPal and join the thousands of clubs all over the country saving time and making money from using Matchday.

How to sign up to PayPal