Six steps to get you started

Watch our helpful video on how to get started

To get started, just open a PayPal business account for your club by following the steps below and following the account set-up steps. Also watch our video above and download the guides below to see everything the new payments system has to offer.

1) Log-on to the Whole Game System (WGS) as normal;

2) Click on the new Matchday/PayPal tab;

3) Once there, create a ‘PayPal business account’;

4) Finally, watch our specific, FA-produced ‘how to’ videos which you’ll find on the payments portal;

5) On the payment portal there will be a number of helpful how to video guides to make it easy to set up your club these include:

  • How to set up a match fee
  • How to set up an annual club (season) payment
  • How to discount or exempt a player from match fee payment
  • How to use reporting
  • What your team manager(s) needs to do
  • FAQs on using the system

That’s it – you’re ready to collect fees online and free up your valuable time.

Download our helpful guides below:

PayPal guide for 8 clubs or fewer

PayPal guide for 9 teams or more

PayPal guide for Charter Standard clubs

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