Matchday - The app that organises your football life

What is the Matchday app all about?

It’s time to boot out all the boring admin around organising your football. The FA’s official Matchday app has been developed specifically to automate everything around your football life – whether you’re a player, club secretary, manager or coach.

Who’s in the team? Who are the opponents? Where’s the game? When’s kick-off? Is anyone currently suspended? With Matchday, all the answers are instantly available at your fingertips.

And it’s all in a safe and secure environment, backed by The FA. We’ll also ensure it has up-to-date, comprehensive information on players, clubs, fixtures and leagues.

It’s often said that time is our most precious commodity. The main aim of Matchday is to save you time, so you can confidently enjoy the game you love, knowing your football life is sorted. Oh, and we forgot to tell you – it’s free!


How Matchday will make your football life easier?

With Matchday, all the answers are instantly available at your fingertips. And there’s lots more benefits, depending on who you are:

Managers and coaches:

  • Select your line-up – wherever you are;
  • Submit team sheets on the go;
  • Organise matches, training and social events – and provide instant updates;
  • Avoid fielding ineligible players;
  • Notifications are automatically sent to players;
  • Submit your final score (no need to SMS in anymore!);
  • Submit your match return or match report straight to Full-Time from app;
  • Collect match fee payments in app;
  • Collect club (season) payments in app.


  • Make yourself available and know immediately you’re picked;
  • View all future fixtures;
  • Stay across all past stats;
  • Keep an eye on the tables, fixtures, results and scorers;
  • Pay match fees in app;
  • Pay club (season) fees in app.

For all

Not sure if you’re Matchday ready?

If you answer yes to these questions, then you’re all set!

  • Does your club register adult players in Whole Game System with a unique email address? or
  • Does your club register youth players in Whole Game System with a link to their parent or carers unique email address and
  • Does your team have a manager or coach assigned to them in Whole Game System?

Follow the links below to download the Matchday app:

Download on App Store

Download on Google Play