Intermediaries Registration

Intermediaries Registration

Individuals and companies wishing to conduct any “Intermediary Activity” as defined under The FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries (including entering into a Representation Contract with a client) must be registered with The FA as Intermediaries beforehand.

The Intermediary registration process is accessible via The FA Whole Game System. A FAN (FA Number) and password are required to start the registration process. If you do not have a FAN (or if you have forgotten your FAN and/or password), please click here to create one. Former Authorised Agents should all have a FAN. If you do not remember it, please click here to use the retrieve function.

Working with Minors

Applicants wishing to work with Minors (whether that be representing Minors or representing Clubs in respect of Minors) will need to upload an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (or equivalent disclosure for applicants domiciled overseas) which will be reviewed by The FA. This can also be submitted for review at any point subsequent to the completion of your initial registration. Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks need to be applied for through The FA specifically for the position of Intermediary and checks obtained otherwise (including as part of the application to become a Licensed Agent) will not be accepted. Please see further instructions on how to apply for this document and how it looks in the resource section below.

Registering a company as an Intermediary

Individuals intending to register a company as an Intermediary will need to register themselves as Intermediaries first to access the option to register the company through their online access. It is not a requirement for individuals registered as Intermediaries to register the company they are operating through as an Intermediary as well.

Registration Fee

Individuals and companies will be charged £500 (+VAT) for their initial one year registration period (this initial registration fee will be waived for those individuals who were FA Licensed Agents as at 31st of March 2015). This registration will need to be renewed and maintained in order to continue conducting Intermediary Activity and The FA will charge £250 (+VAT) for every annual renewal. Please ensure you have a credit or debit card to hand during your registration.

Test of Good Character and Reputation

Individuals are required to declare they comply with the criteria of the Test of Good Character for Intermediaries upon registration, and Intermediaries must confirm they continue to meet those criteria every time they carry out Intermediary activity in relation to a Transaction. The test also contains provisions for Intermediaries applying to work with or in relation to Minors. Please review the Test of Good Character for Intermediaries document in the resource section below.


To register as an Intermediary, please follow the link below:


If applicants encounter any issues or difficulties with their registration, please contact