LGBT Football

LGBT Football

LGBT Football

Widening lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) representation in football

An individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity should never be a barrier to participating in, and enjoying, our national sport.

To that effect, The FA will:

  • Identify boundaries within football that prevent LGBT people from engaging with the sport and ensure that every opportunity is given to enable members of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans communities to participate and progress within their chosen area of participation in football
  • Combat all forms of homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic language and behaviour – whether by spectators, players, coaches or other participants.

The FA is uniquely placed to tackle unacceptable and discriminatory behaviour in football. Why? Because as the guardian of the game in this country, The FA will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the game exists for EVERYONE. To work towards a more LGBT inclusive game we will:

  • promote a positive, inclusive image and reputation for the game, its participants and supporters
  • work with LGBT community and football stakeholders to identify boundaries to LGBT participation and work collaboratively and collectively to address them preserve player and participant welfare
  • support professional clubs and our County FA network in developing good practice around LGBT inclusion and engagement
  • amend the Laws of the Game to outlaw homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic language and behaviour
  • encourage and support current and future generations of participants from all communities to  join the football family, whether as players, match officials, supporters, coaches or administrators/volunteers.

In February 2012 The FA launched Opening Doors & Joining In, a whole-game LGBT action plan to make football a safe environment where homophobia is unacceptable. You can download a summary of the action plan here.

18 months later, we've published a progress report, so you can find out what we've done and what we're doing next. Download a copy of "Opening Doors & Joining In: Where are we now?" here.

The FA has identified Football v Homophobia as its chosen campaign, partnering with the Justin Campaign to educate widely on homophobia. For more details on this campaign

FA Trans Policy

The FA will assess a players’ application to play in their affirmed gender on a case by case basis in line with its commitment to promoting Football for Everyone. It is the FA’s firm view that gender identity should not be a barrier to participation in football. The FA is intent on making football a lifelong experience, and ensuring the inclusion and safety of participants.

To view The FA's updated Trans Policy, please click on the following links:

The FA Policy on Trans People in Football

Commencement of an Appeal

Frequently asked questions


Next Goal Wins

On the 29 April 2014, The FA hosted a ground breaking film, Next Goals Wins, featuring JAIYAH SAELUA, a defender who is not the kind of character you might expect to find in a typical changing room. As a member of Samoa’s third gender (the fa’afafine), Jaiyah lives 24/7 as a woman, and always makes time amongst her pre-match preparations to apply her make-up and engage her curling tongs before kick off. But behind her well-groomed exterior lies a character of enormous inner strength.

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Homophobia: Let's tackle it - preview pages of education pack

A Homophobia education pack produced by Show Racism the Red Card which aims to educate learners about the causes and consequences of Homophobia and encourage respect for the differences between people regardless of sexual orientation.,%20Let's%20Tackle%20It%20PREVIEW%20PAGES.pdf 

Homophobia: Let's tackle it - film interviews and trailers

A short educational film produced by Show Racism the Red Card, featuring celebrities and professional footballers discussing the issue of Homophobia in football. 

Homophobia in football film

A short awareness film produced by Kick it Out educating on homophobic abuse at football.