Currently on suspension

Participant Club Start End Total
Mateo Kovacic Chelsea 01.08.2020 1
Jonathan Evans Leicester City 26.07.2020 3
Adam Phillips Morecambe 29.02.2020 3
Josip Drmic Norwich City 18.07.2020 3
Emi Buendia Norwich City 18.07.2020 3

 * Touchline Ban

The two categories of match shown are first team competitive matches and non-first team matches.

Red cards in First Team and Non First Team competitive matches in the Premier League, English Football League, National League and WSL result in immediate suspension from forthcoming competitive matches.

Clubs at Step 2 and below: Red cards in first team competitive matches result in suspensions commencing on the 7th day following the match in which the player was sent off. Red cards in non-first team matches will be processed by the County Association to which the Club is affiliated.

Suspensions listed on this page relate to FA matches only meaning the player is free to play at County FA (Grassroots) Level.

This suspension list does not cover County Level football

This list excludes Competition Specific Suspensions

Data on this page is updated following receipt of the Match Officials' reports

One caution away

Non Playing Cautions which have a threshold of 4, 8, 12 and 16 before an automatic touchline ban suspension is applied.

Suspensions are automatically imposed for accumulating 5, 10, or 15 cautions in a season. The cut-off dates for receiving a sanction as a result of accumulating cautions are:

Number Of Cautions   League(s) Cut Off Date/Threshold (Inclusive) Automatic Suspension For Number Of Cautions
5 Premier League/English Football League Following 19 League Fixtures 1 Match
5 National League Following 23 League Fixtures 1 Match
5 Steps 2-4 30 November 1 Match
10 Premier League Following 32 League Fixtures 2 Matches
10 English Football League/National League Following 37 League Fixtures 2 Matches
10 Steps 2-4 Second Sunday in March 2 Matches
15 All End of the Season 3 Matches

These cut off dates do not apply to Women’s Super League clubs due to Season difference.

This Season will see the addition of Competition Specific Sanctioning for yellow cards in the following Competitions:

FA Premier League, EFL League, National League, FA Challenge Cup, EFL Cup, FA Trophy

(Please note Discipline in the EFL Trophy is Competition specific for all Discipline and remains unchanged from last season.)

Therefore, the accumulation of 5/10/15 Yellow cards in the table above apply only to League matches (and League Cup matches at Steps 2-4).

The remaining Competitions will carry suspensions in those Competitions only when a player has received 2 yellow cards in that Competition.

This list excludes Competition Specific Cautions

Data on this page is updated following receipt of the Match Officials' reports

Currently on competition specific suspension

Data on this page is updated following receipt of the Match Officials' reports

Discipline Handbook 2013-14


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