Please do not hesitate to ask questions about any aspect of anti-doping rules

Further Information and Contacts

The FA Anti-Doping team has developed a series of short videos, aimed at Players covering a range of essential anti-doping topics. Each video can be accessed here or through the Essentials Information For Players app.

A summary of what each video covers is below:

Keeping Football Clean. Clean For All.

If a Player takes drugs to cheat there is no place for them in Football. This video takes a closer look at what substances are banned, and what the consequences will be for a Player caught cheating.

The Dangers of Social Drugs

Players should be aware that social drugs are banned at all times. This video explains how taking social drugs could damage both a Player’s health, and reputation.

Medications and Supplements

Players need to be aware that they could take a banned substance without knowing, or intending to cheat. This video explains what Players can do to avoid accidentally testing positive.

The Testing Process Explained

Players can be tested at any time and at any location. This video explains what a Player should expect if they are selected for a drugs test.

What a Player needs to know about whereabouts 

Whereabouts is a tool to support an effective no advance notice testing programme. This video explains what a Player’s responsibilities are in relation to Whereabouts.

Contact Information 

Please do not hesitate to ask questions about any aspect of anti-doping rules. As well as checking the regular updates from UKAD found in the news section of their website, or on their Twitter account: @ukantidoping, you can also contact The FA at

You can also visit the PFA website here for further information. 

If you need to speak to someone in confidence regarding social drugs, you can contact the Sporting
Chance Clinic at; Tel: 0870 220 0714 e-mail: