FA Anti-Doping - addressing doping and social drug use in football with education

The FA considers education to be not only fair to players as part of its duty of care as a regulator, but also an essential tool in attempting to address both doping and social drug use in football.

The FA operates its own sport-specific anti-doping education programme, supporting players of all ages with targeted information designed and delivered in accordance with the culture and language of the sport.

The FA education programme is one of the largest in world sport, covering players from youth to professional level, including both male and female players. The programme is advised by UKAD to ensure adherence to UK Anti-Doping educational policy wherever possible, and also utilises specialist drugs and alcohol education organisations to inform social drugs and alcohol policy.

The FA produces a number of Anti-Doping educational resources to help educate players. These include:

  • FA Anti-Doping Advice Card – A wallet sized card containing an overview of The FA Anti-Doping Programme, including examples of permitted medication, the Whereabouts regulations and useful contact details.
  • Essential Information For Players – helpful guidance to address all the essentials that a player will need to be aware of during the 2019-20 Season including Anti-Doping information – available in 7 languages
  • Essential Information For Players – Youth –similar to the above but specifically aimed at Youth players and their parents
These guides can be downloaded from the resources section below.