UEFA Women's EURO England 2022

UEFA Women's Euro 2022 will be staged in England

Southampton UEFA Women's Euro 2022 legacy programme

UEFA Women's Euro 2022 will be staged in England

UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 is a huge opportunity for women and girls in Southampton to engage in a healthy lifestyle through football.

More than that, we all know that physical activity has significant mental health benefits too.

Martina Heath, the general manager of girls’ and women’s football at Southampton FC, said: “We want to encourage people within the city to get involved through attending matches, sessions within the city and volunteering.


“In that way, we will highlight the existing provision for girls and women to reach their potential and generate visibility and awareness of women’s football and sport. In all we do, we will embed equality and inclusion.”

Here’s what we aim to achieve within two years of the end of the tournament:

  • Launch clear and accessible opportunities and programmes for women and girls to play football where and how they wish – and progress if they wish to.

  • Promote the Playmaker Award to encourage women to take a first step in coaching football.
  • Deploy an increased number of FA-qualified female coaches and referees where they are most needed.

All leading to:

  • Fifty primary and secondary schools offering equal access to football for girls in PE lessons by 2022.

  • Doubling the number of FA-qualified female coaches and referees.
  • Five-hundred more women playing football in Southampton’s most deprived wards by creating sustainable recreational football opportunities.