The Isuzu FA Trophy

The Isuzu FA Trophy Prize Fund 2023-24

The Isuzu FA Trophy prize fund has been set for the 2023-24 season

The Isuzu FA Trophy
Season 2023-24
Payments made from The FA's prize fund

First round qualifying: Winners receive £1500, losers receive £400
Second round qualifying: Winners receive £2250  losers receive £575
Third round qualifying: Winners receive £2450, losers receive £625
First round: Winners receive £3000, losers receive £775
Second round: Winners receive £3750, losers receive £1000
Third round: Winners receive £4500, losers receive £1250
Fourth round: Winners receive £5250, losers receive £1500
Fifth round: Winners receive £6000, losers receive £1750
Quarter Final: Winners receive £7500, losers receive £2000
Semi-Final: Winners receive £15,000, losers receive £5000
Final runners-up: £30,000
Final winners: £60,000

Amounts are per winning club in each round.