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How we support

Lewis Cook focusing on a practice drill for England U21s
how we support

performance analysis

Performance analysis is the use of video, objective data and analytical tools and skills to provide insights and feedback.

Performance analysis helps to accelerate the technical and tactical development of teams and players, aids in player selection, and helps to determine technical and tactical training requirements and the game strategy.

Performance analysis also includes:

- Tactical analysis of home and opposition teams and systems of play using video and data
- Technical and tactical analysis of players
- Benchmarking of performance
- Trend analysis of teams and players
- Effective live and retrospective feedback

Marcus Rashford performs sprint training at England training
how we support

physical performance and nutrition

England teams and players are supported by a team of specialist coaches and processes with a focus on developing physical performance and nutritional skills.

Support through physical performance and nutrition helps to improve performance in, and recovery from, international matches and training.

Physical performance and nutrition is implemented through the delivery of and advice on:

- On-field and off-field training sessions
- Preparation plans
- Recovery and preparation protocols
- Methods for monitoring physical performance
- Coaching of nutritional skills and interventions

The England blind team are put through their paces in training
how we support

performance psychology

Specialist practitioners with a focus on developing skills which enable individuals to effectively manage their own emotions and interactions with others are a part of the performances services available to England teams.

Performance psychology is used to help accelerate learning, improve performance and develop greater individual and team resilience under pressure. Performance psychology is implemented through:

- The profiling of people
- Observation of interactions
- On and off-field sessions and advice
- Direct coaching of individuals and teams

Gareth Southgate speaks with Raheem Sterling as he undergoes treatment
how we support

sports medicine and physiotherapy

England players and support staff are supported by a team of specialist people and processes to proactively optimise their health and wellness.

Sports medicine and physiotherapy support will help to optimise player and staff availability to produce their best performances.

Young lioness learns from an FA Tutor
how we support

player education

All England players will have the opportunity to develop their learning skills whilst representing their country. Qualified education staff will be available to provide bespoke, individualised learning opportunities supported by appropriate high-quality technology and facilities.

For the younger players we will work in partnership with clubs, schools, colleges and families to promote a seamless educational provision.

England lionesses at training
how we support


The portfolio of performance services continues to grow as research and innovation continue to provide further insights into areas for potential performance improvement. Emerging disciplines which will form part of the mix of specialisms in the future include:

- Visual performance
- Skill acquisition
- Software, hardware and materials technology
- Data science

Within disability football we collaborate with other institutes and establishments to provide support provisions to develop the game. The additional support service of coordination and management of classification processes areas is key within disability football. The process of talent identification, recruitment and selection can be more complex than that in mainstream pathways.