How we’re making diversity and inclusion happen

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Insight tells us that the game we love is not currently representative of society and the towns and cities we live in. Our new diversity and inclusion team are on a mission to help change this.
What do we want to do? At The FA we’re determined to ensure our players, coaches and volunteers are made up of the many diverse communities across the country. After all, football is For All.

Our mission is to tackle the stubborn inequalities that exist in the game. We want every child to have a local role model who looks like them and to encourage all players to get involved, regardless of their ethnic background or gender.

Our roles will help to identify, develop and support the next generation of talent from grassroots to the professional game 
- Pav Singh, coach development officer

How do we support you?
We now have eight newly appointed coach development officers ready to support you on your coaching journey. Whether you’re already coaching at a local club or school, a parent wanting to help or someone who simply wants to give back to your community – they’re here to help.

Our team of coach developers want to help black and Asian coaches to step into the game and thrive as a coach. Our digital-first approach means support is now available through a range of platforms such as The Boot Room, YouTube and the new FA Community.

You can find session ideas, interviews and articles on The Boot Room, coaching webinars and great insight on YouTube and best practice from FA staff and fellow coaches on The FA Community. Wherever you are in your coaching journey, these platforms offer a range of content to help support your goals.

If you’re new to football coaching, the FA Playmaker course is a great place to start. It’s completely free, online and can be done at your own pace.

In addition to our digital offer, the diversity and inclusion team will also be partnering with county FAs, clubs and leagues to support you on the ground. This includes a range of coach development and mentoring support.

I want to ensure every person has an inclusive pathway to becoming a coach 
- Sarah Lowden, coach development officer

How do I get support?
If you want to hear more about what support is available to you, get in touch with your local coach development officer:

Pav Singh - (North East & Yorkshire)

Sarah Lowden - (North West)

Darren Moss - (East)

Lee Brown - (East Midlands)

Daniel Fenner - (South East)

Peter Augustine - (London)

Lawrence Lok - (South West)

Matt Jones - (West Midlands)

It’s a chance for us to spend time talking to coaches and give bespoke support 
- Peter Augustine, coach development officer

What other support is there?
As well as our brilliant staff, we’re supporting black and Asian coaches throughout the year with various initiatives, such as the Club Placement Programme and the coach development programme.

These will help those who wish to fulfil a career in the game as a coach, linking with our head of diversity and inclusion to offer unique opportunities to shadow in the professional game.

Be sure to keep a look out for these great opportunities throughout the season.

Let us hear your story
Our team of coach developers are vastly experienced and determined to make a difference. No matter what your goals or ambitions are in the game, get in touch using the details above and see how they can help you achieve them.

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